Article: Mike Gray and His Family — written by Michael C. Eberhardt (2014)

Appendix-1: Huntsville

Appendix-2: When All Roads Led to Tombstone

Appendix-3: Tombstone’s Violent Years by John Plesent Gray

Appendix-4: Michael Gray

Appendix-5: The Murder of Robert Hardie

Appendix-6: Tombstone Mill and Mining Company vs Way Up

Appendix-7: A Hundred Years of Horse Tracks – The Story of the Gray Ranch

Appendix-8: Chronological Events at Rucker Canyon

Appendix-9: Arizona Land Fraud Model 1880 – Tombstone Townsite Company

Appendix-10: Archeology and History in Rucker Canyon

Appendix-11: Wyatt Earp: Angel of Death

Appendix-12: The Heslet Brothers in Grant County, New Mexico

Appendix-13: The Fight at Chiricahua Pass in 1869

Appendix-14: The Hermit of the Chiricahuas

Mike Gray Article for SaddleBag

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