A dedication to Pleasant Gray, founder of Huntsville, Texas, as well as his wife, Hannah Gray, and all their descendants.

From Left to Right: Michael Gray, son of Pleasant Gray, John A. P. Gray, son of Pleasant Gray, and John P. Gray, son of Michael Gray, Amanda Gray Texana, daughter of Pleasant Gray.

Welcome to the Pleasant Gray website. We want to use this website to collect as much information as we can about Pleasant Gray and his relatives and descendants, and to make this information available to all who are interested.  Much research has already been assembled but much more is to be acquired, and we welcome any new information that we can obtain.  You are encouraged to contact us with any documentation, photos or other information that you wish to see added to this website.  Pleasant Gray had many descendants who have made meaningful contributions, and we hope this website can pay an appropriate tribute.

Presently, this website contains many documents and photos relating to Pleasant’s son, Mike Gray (pictured above) and Mike’s family. Their lives in and around Tombstone, Arizona in the late 1800s are well documented and reflect affiliations with many notorious lawmen and outlaws of those times. The adventures and tragedies of Mike Gray’s family represent an interesting insight into that era, and the posted documents and photos are revealing of such.  The first document under the “Documents” section on this site is the research paper developed by Mike Eberhardt who is a descendant of the Gray family. It draws heavily on the other documents cited in the appendices thereto.

A special thanks to Gary Carter (another Pleasant Gray descendant) and Candy Dixon, who helped assemble the Gray family history, for their important work in the initiation of this website.

– Michael C. Eberhardt, Son of Virginia Gray and great, great, great grandson of Pleasant Gray